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Bus Safety Training
Bus Safety Training
School Bus Safety Trainer Heather Laforge and Buster the Bus visited Songo Locks School recently to learn about Bus Safety. Here they are with some Songo Locks friends.
Late Bus Routes-Please Read
Please note that its important to note that the Late Bus routes are not a ride home like the normal bus routes at the end of the day. These routes are very abbreviated and are designed to get students to a general area and not necessarily a ride home, unless their stop are on these main routes. We have made some changes for 2018-19 and expanded the coverage area of the late buses, please check out the Late Bus route link on this web page.
If you questions please call the Transportation office.
Substitutes Needed
The MSAD #61 Transportation Department are looking for substitutes to fill open shifts for School Bus Drivers, Bus Monitors and Caravan Drivers.
MSAD #61 are willing to provide training.If interested or want more information contact the Transportation Department at 693-6467
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