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Summer Meals 2019
Summer Meals were Monday-Friday at eleven [11] sites across the district. All sites served Lunch, many sites also serve Breakfast. We served over 18,000 meals this past summer. We could not have done it without the Cafe staff Joyce Small, Paula Simmons, Amy Whiten, Bonny Dyer & District Delivery Driver Steve Lessard. Also this program could not operate with all the folks that monitored the sites under the direct of these site coordinators, Beth Latsy, Shawn Rock, Carmon Lone, Shawne Hargis and Connie Madura
2019-2020 Fresh Fruit & Veggie Grant Stevens Brook Elementary and lake Region Middle SchoolSchool
Starting on Monday September 9th the FFVP Program will start at these two district schools, Stevens Brook Elementary Schools program will run Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Trunk or Treat
    Trunk or Treat
    MSAD #61 Food Service Staff ,Lori Andrews,Joyce Small, Penny Shane and Lori's daughter Elizabeth represented the department on Saturday October 27th at the Trunk or Treat event at LRHS.
  • Breakfast at School
    Breakfast at School
    Mrs Turpin & Liz Shane are promoting a healthy Breakfast at Stevens Brook Elementary School
  • Lake Region Middle School Salad Bar
    Lake Region Middle School Salad Bar
    This is the Lake Region Middle School Salad Bar, student have many opportunity to choose healthy options daily
  • Summer Meals 2019
    Summer Meals 2019
    Summer Meals are available Monday -Friday at numerous sites with in MSAD # 61 school district.
    Ava & Layla Thibodeau are enjoying a cold milk with there lunch at Naples Beach