Instructions for Online Enrollment

4 years ago

Step 1:

Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for your device.  Instructions for installation will be different depending on the type of device you have. 

Adobe Splash Screen

Step 2:

Click on the symbol in the top right of the Enrollment Form block to open the Enrollment Form in a new tab or window.  This will allow you to download the form to be edited.


Step 3:

Download the form to your device.  Your download button may look different depending on the browser you are using to view the Enrollment Form

Step 4:

Make sure that you have opened the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and fill out all the fields on your device.  Once you have completed all the necessary information, make sure you save the form.

Step 5:

Email the completed form to your child's school secretary as an attachment.

For SLS: