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Winter Sports are right around the corner! With that in mind, please be mindful of a couple of items.

1. There will be an admission at our Home Games ($3 Adults,$1 Students, $1 Senior Citizens).

2. Cancelations typically happen around lunch time of the day in question. Keep an eye on the web site:)

3. Masks will be required for indoor sporting events.

Lake Region High School Hall of Fame

3 months ago


Paul True
Athletic Director

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Inductees

Coach Linda Whitney (1969-2000)

Tom Clow (1970-1974)

Cindy Fagan (1971-1975)

Wanda Ward-Maclean (1973-1977)

Gary Speed (1973-1977)

Lee-Lee Morrison (1974-1978)

Matt Hancock (1981-1985)

Arlene Hudson (1981-1985)

Erich Reed (1981-1985)

Tia Theriault  (1982-1986)

David Kilborn            (1981-1985)

Debbie Libby (1977-1981)

Coach Arthur Kilborn Jr. (1969 – present)

Brian Clement (1982—1986)

Kevin Hancock (1980—1984)

Sandy Kobrock (1969—1973)

Chris Whitney (1977—1981)

Coach Ken Whitney  (1981—1992)

Samantha Allen (2002—2006)

Adria Lowell Carr (1984-1988)

Meghan Gately Giroux (1977—2001)

Robert Mayo (1976-1980)

Ivy Ward-Spencer (1970—1974)

Kim Gerrish Greenberg (1990-1993)

John Mayo (1985-1988)

Rachel Sama (1982-1985)

Paula Webster Tocco             (1978-1981)

Bill Shane  - Contributor

Samantha Stewart Merchant (1991-1995)

Miles Bartlett (2002-2006)

Kevin Floster (2002-2006)

Erin Leydon Plummer (1997-2001)

Mike Shane (1978 - 1982)

Steve Googoo (1972-1976)

Wayne Rivet - Contributor

Danica Johnston (1999 - 2003)

Jonathan Marstaller (2000-2004)

Elizabeth "zz" Leighton (2003-2007)

Steve Hennigar (1972 - 1976)

Merle Hazelton (1976 - 1980)

Lauren Gillespie (2001 - 2005)

Dr. Kenneth Gluck - Contributor